work on

Light tomorrow with today. ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning I’ve been working from last year’s “thing of beauty project”. I’ve selected some images and words I want to share and am making prints and cards that will soon be available on my gallery site. (image of printed 13 x 19 in. sheet below – I love […]


an offering

The winter rain has warmed and is now morphed into a warmer spring rain. On this spring day an offering of one of my poems from the 4th annual anthology of the Sooke Writers’ Collective: a new day insistent rain ignites passions ocean mingles with the wind calls another poem into being you layer up […]

what a day

what a day

some days like this ground into gravel askew you stand there trying to make the decision bend or step over either way you will win

the golden door

getting a grip (and being like Carol)

There’s been a character and concept I’ve been wanting to explore for a long time. A long time. I’ve made notes: written down questions, scenes, ideas and yet the story did not come. The essential plot, the essence of the thing was missing. It was just an idea, not a thing ready to be told, […]

In Conversation

introvert me

This Friday I will be reading one or two of my poems along with other poets at the Coast Collective launch of In Conversation II. I’m thinking about the whole public thing – going on display so to speak. It’s intimidating for a introvert like me. But it’s also empowering to share some of who […]

the buzz

separate and together

There are times I feel separate and separated. I have a website in my name and a website in my studio’s name and other websites to go with other things I do. I’ve been trying to keep them separate as if they are secret identities – as if I must soon choose to be only […]