Twitter Project day 4

The ocean still seems restless today after days of winds. Wind plural, wind from the east, the northeast, the west. It moved fast slowed to a waltz and then was off again. Life on the west coast. This morning a raven in a treetop – black against a blue grey sky with the pale green […]

Twitter Project – day 3 – out of the wind

I have been greatly distracted by the wind storm we had on the island yesterday (Vancouver Island). Our power went off around 10am on the Friday and finally came back on Saturday around 11 am. It happened later for some people. It made me see how tied I am to technology, electricity. More thoughts another […]

Twitter Project day 2

on this edge of living vicariously if only you could fly live romantically on the wind become a color in the corner of someone’s eye Some accidental rhyme today but I’m sure it happens to everyone occasionally. All this deep focus on poetry and getting the words down cleanly has me thinking about poets in […]

The Twitter Project begins

Also known as the “tweet project” and “tweet poetry” because I can’t tell twitters from tweets. Poets can only keep so much information roaming loosely in their heads before it all wanders away (poets included) Why do such a thing? Selfishly, it is for myself. To activate my writing, to challenge me, to cause me […]

Poetry Month & the Twitter Project

April is poetry month & the start of my tweet poetry project. I will be posting short poems & poetic fragments for a later building project. If you don’t have twitter you can follow my progress daily on this blog where I will also post my “tweet poems”. For those of you who don’t know […]

the gathering

the gathering has begun. I am sifting through notebooks and bits of paper for word treasure. I have a tendency to write ideas, small poems etc. down and then wander away. Now I am circling back, looking for what I have left behind. and I am surprised by my words. they speak of spirit and […]