I try to give myself some creative retreats every year. One I try not to miss is MISSA – Metchosin International School of the Arts.   Every summer they have fantastic workshops by the week or weekend in varied arts such as clay work, painting, mixed media, writing etc. etc. In past years I have written, […]

into May

Somehow I find myself in May. April flew by with visits to family, several birthday celebrations, work and writing. I finished off the month by attending the Cascadia Poetry Festival in Nanaimo for three days. My days at the festival opened my eyes to new possibilities in my writing and inspired and educated me in […]

broken promises

I look back to the beginning of the month to see what I have pledged in the name of “poetry month” and I feel disappointed. A poem a day for me is not realistic in light of all the other commitments I have made for my businesses and my self. It’s time to pull back. […]

day 3 – following the moon

    Sorting through my social media. Yikes! I have a blog (ok 2), a couple of Facebook business pages and a seldom used twitter account and maybe instagram. Hmm – thinking about the idea of “I’m not talking because I don’t have a lot to say”. And now thinking that is not true though […]

poetry day 2

Two days in and I have written/almost written two poems. I am honoring my commitment to the writing but sometimes the writing falls short. Yesterday I “wrote” a poem while walking my dog. When I’m only walking one dog I have more flexibility to let my thoughts roam. I camed up with a few potential […]

of poetry

April is poetry month. That phase is echoing over the internet and maybe a little attention is being drawn to the history of poetics. Search “history of poetry” and you will find many references to poetry pre-dating written language. It was often used as a tool to record events, tell stories and accompany music. It […]