Creative Inspiration

Last night my husband and I volunteered at the fabulous Sooke Fine Arts Show.  It was Purchasers Preview Night, a ticketed event that allows people  a preview/purchase time with the artwork before the show is open to the public.  With over 275 pieces of artwork  in a range of media from Vancouver Island and B.C. coastal islands including Haida Gwaii the show is a wonder and an inspiration.  If you are anywhere on  Vancouver Island consider a visit to Sooke and the Sooke Fine Arts Show running from July 28 to August 6.  As a security volunteer I was able to walk the gallery and see the work over a three hour period but I’m planning a return visit to take in the details.

In other news – I’m gathering my ideas from various notebooks and starting on a book writing journey which I am certain will take a year or two. I have the awful habit of writing things down in whatever notebook is close at hand with the result that my ideas get fragmented. I am trying to fix this by investing in a writing tool called “Scrivener” . It’s a computer program that helps organize research, notes etc. and have them all in one place while you focus on writing your story/book.  Of course first I have to get my notes typed up and into the program!  I’m sure the act of transcribing my notes will help with the story formation – I am looking forward to the process and the learning curve.

Our kids and grand-kids arrive soon and with a full house there will be little time to act on the inspiration received at the art show. I’ve made notes and sketches on what I want to start on – two series –  one 3D, clay based and the other 2D mixed media.  Results of this journey posted here sometime in September and progress discussed here from time to time.

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