day 15 – start-up

I've been thinking about poetry again. My Tuesday night conversation with my poetry group reminded me that long ago I had brainstormed a number of questions about poetry. They've waited a long time for some kind of answers. It's time to bring them back into the light.

From my notebooks:

  • how to get poetry out into the world - mine and others> the literary scene has changed so much
  • can poetry be "paired" like wine and cheese? >with artwork, with people, professions?
  • can poetry be put in doctor and dentist offices?
  • what about producing poetry videos? with people, with art or photography and voice-overs
  • what would a "poetry camp" look like?
  • what would a room full of poets look like? sound like?
  • why poetry?
  • making poetry public> bringing into view, into the everyday> giving people a glance, a taste, a small sensation of experience
  • to be a force for poetry > to bring more beauty into the world
    meditative art

It is time to go exploring.

finding direction

finding direction - mixed media on wood panel, 6 x 6 inches

Posted in progress.