So much to do, so little time.>>>That’s what it is starting to feel like as I tackle projects like the “thing of beauty” instagram project, journal making, encaustic & iphoneography, poem writing, fiction writing . . . But it also makes me feel alive. It’s so worth the time and fluctuating angst as I navigate […]

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how the light turns

showing up

As I was out walking today I thought about my current social media project “thing of beauty”. It occurred to me that I am using Instagram as a journal – putting my thoughts and ideas down and letting the world in for a look. Some years ago I did a similar project on twitter which […]

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thing of beauty project

a thing of beauty is not a thing to ignore ~Hot House Flowers The other day I was going through my photos and I saw how many I had collected. They were not just of family and friends but of “things”. Things I was attracted to, found fascinating, found beautiful. Since I have started using […]

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Walking slowly into 2016. I’ve got a new day timer that I can hold in my hands and get inky with. I’ve written in my intentions & goals for 2016 and  further broken those down into months, weeks and days. Small and steady steps. But there’s a slight problem with the set-up – a messy desk. To […]

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into 2016

fieldwork 2

Produce  (verb) → to bring into existence; give rise to; cause I seem to go through several “new year” events. In September it feels like a new year because of the association with the school year (even though I am long beyond going to school I do take classes from time to time). Then there is the […]

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on location

a quest

in this island place we see in all directions home is everywhere from “on location” A while ago I talked about a chapbook of poetry I had created. My artist self worked on the images (local photos altered using various apps) and the design (paper, fonts, layout etc.) while my writer self went through the […]

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lining up my words – a meditation

I’ve been hammering and shaping copper. Letter by letter I put words on the copper that might inspire or remind. My sister calls them cue words. The first bracelet I tried making I stamped “practice” in both directions. Yes, it was a practice bracelet but also I wanted to remind myself to keep practicing. – […]

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In Gratitude

Some magic happened today at Coast Collective. Poets read, artists talked and the audience responded with much applause. The show, “In Conversation: Poets Speak; Artists Respond”, began with a call out to poets back in June. Poets responded by submitting twenty-nine poems that were given to participating artists to work with. A few months later […]

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poems from Vancouver Island

I finally got my chapbook together the way I wanted. There were a number of things I had to put in place : – choose the poems, review/edit, put them in some kind of order – decide if I wanted to include any images (yes) – create the images using my photos and then altering […]

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drawn by the strange pull

Sometimes I am at a loss for words. That’s when I make “other things” – things physical and hopefully, things that have a quality of beauty. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I can only be true to myself, my vision. I’ve given a lot of thought lately about why […]

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