notes for the end of the year

I often feel I have nothing to blog about because I’m so busy doing other things. I don’t want to write filler. I don’t want to write about what I didn’t do though this is what I tend towards.  It’s not that I am doing nothing. I have a business – web and print design at inevitablefire. ca. I am president of the local arts council (though I haven’t quite sunk my teeth into it yet). I am also a member of the Sooke Scribblers, a local writing group that meets monthly and a supportive member of the South Vancouver Potters Guild. There are also a couple of other volunteer positions I am taking on in the new year. I write (or try to) and I make art (mixed media at this time).  The writing and the art making often get little time and so that is the “not doing” I angst about.  This coming year will be the year of doing.

An ongoing project for 2011, now in development, is a poetry writing & blog writing dual effort by myself and my friend/poet/writer/editor Fenna Schaapman.  Her blog will launch in a few days. She and I were co-editors of the now defunct Toward the Light: Journal of Reflective Word & Image. We have challenged ourselves to write  a minimum of two pieces a month, take inspiration from words, concepts, images etc. that we give each other, blog about the process and generally write our way through 2011.

Also in development: a mixed media series based on my twitter project of 2010. The inspiration for this was the piece I recently completed for a group show: “time flies – x marks the spot”.

See my website for more on this piece.

Posted in progress.