off and on

I’ve been offline lately – offline in terms of my websites and blog and offline in terms of my creative process. Some people call this a block, some call it drawing a blank. Whatever you call it, it involves a kind of blankness or unconsciousness for me, since desire/intent cannot always move it or cause it to leave. But does blankness leave? How can nothingness move or go elsewhere?

I theorize that the blankness is a backdrop, a place that gets moved into, re-energized and ultimately, changed as opposed to something that gets left behind or escaped from.

I was looking through my photos for something that could illustrate blankness besides something all white or black. I found this image of the sky and ocean, the day so cloudy that they were almost interchangeable. The color and lighting are flat – a sampling of what blankness can be.


But then it occurred to me that if I was in that space, that dimensional place, it wouldn’t be so blank. All my other senses would come into play – scent, touch, taste, hearing etc and the place would have dimension and so might my ideas in it.

I think this is what I do when I face a blank piece of paper. I move into the space and involve my senses to create. I’ll have to think more on this.

In possible illustration:

From a blank backdrop of wood, to plaster on wood, it took me a long time to come up with a finished painting. I am one of those who don’t quite plan. I get a word, a sensation, an image or a need and I explore it. Sometimes it leads to a poem sometimes it leads to a painting or sculpture. sometimes it leads to both. Very often there is a long period of blankness before the creative piece occurs. For a view of my latest work visit here.

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