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There’s been a lot happening lately and I haven’t written about it here. There are a lot of things I haven’t written about here. Partly it is because I am a private person and an introvert – but I have realized (more than once) that if I want to share my work, if I want people to get to know me, I have to open up. Not “full exposure open up” but at least share a bit about my process and progress.

It’s just that I’m not a “toot my own horn” kind of person – so I’m telling you – this is tough for me.

Check it out: This week I picked up 150 copies of our writing group’s anthology. It is very exciting to have a “fresh” book in your hands. I have 5 poems in the 94 page book. There’s an eclectic offering of writing from an eclectic bunch of writers – 8 collective members and 5 students who won first or second prizes in our annual writing contest for students. We “launch” next weekend and books will be offered for sale via the Sooke Writers’ Collective website.

Besides writing and editing and re-writing I have been thinking about poetry in general (after all it is poetry month for a few more days). I want to open fuller to poetry and I want to share it (my own and other people’s).  I’m figuring out what that can look like. A book, a magazine, a card, a painting. I will have to go exploring and experimenting.

In my art world: I’m experimenting with etching copper for a bigger sculptural project I have in mind as well as maybe making some kind of word charms/charming words. I’ll post some photos when the time is right.

This weekend I will be at the Federation of BC Writers AGM. There are some interesting workshops to attend as well. I’ll let you know what I learned sometime next week.

An image for today: “in print”


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