Projects & Promises

I’m setting some project goals for myself over the next six months. I have set them in the past and have disappointed myself by not following through. Now my impulse as I am getting closer to my 60th birthday is to do the work and please myself. ☺

In an attempt to integrate the artist and writer parts of myself I am working on a couple of chapbooks. Chapbooks are small books, under 40 pages, and often handmade. I am writing and re-writing poetry and looking at paintings and collage I have created. The first chapbook will be published shortly and will include poetry only. The second chapbook will be a bigger project as I take some old and new poetry of mine and combine it with images taken from my paintings and mixed media pieces.

Also in the next 6 months:
– sculpture in various media – clay, copper and wood
– small art objects I call “curios” such as pendants, earrings & keepsakes
– maybe – a short story

Since I moved to Vancouver Island eight years ago, it has been a constant source of inspiration and support. Slowly I have opened to its call and I find myself using words and images from the landscape.


landscape inspiration

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