thing of beauty project

a thing of beauty is not a thing to ignore
~Hot House Flowers

The other day I was going through my photos and I saw how many I had collected. They were not just of family and friends but of “things”. Things I was attracted to, found fascinating, found beautiful.

Since I have started using Instagram I thought I’d start up a photo series called “thing of beauty” and showcase the images I had collected and will be collecting.

And then I wondered how I could title these – having no title didn’t feel right since I was thinking of it as a project. Numbering them came to mind. But could I start with number one? It didn’t feel right. Having lived for so many years and taken (or made) pictures for so many how could I choose which was number 1? Impossible. So here is my solution: I took each day I lived as all the previous “things of beauty” and the first image I feature on Instagram would be counted as the next number. What next number? I calculated (with the help of google and a calculating program) how many days I have lived. It is 21, 941 days. So the first image I will be bringing out will be “thing of beauty #21942”

It’s never going to be accurate since I’m not counting all the photos I’ve taken. It’s about the ones I’m showing and talking about.

And that’s the other part of this – in response to the image I will be creating “poem sketches” – lines of poetry and/or potential poetry.

hashtagging it on Instagram as #thingofbeauty  #poetry  #poem  #dlcstory  #poetrysketch

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  1. Thanks Angela. It will be an ongoing project combining image and word. The plan (for now) is that once I get through a certain number of days I will take the poem sketches and make several poems from them.

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