unavoidably detained by the world

“Have been unavoidably detained by the world. Expect us when you see us.”
― Neil Gaiman, Stardust

Blogging gives me that feeling sometimes – like I’m supposed to and have to and then I make excuses because I didn’t. So who is this blog for? Why bother, why show up?
Short answer: this blog is for me. To speak in public. To express an opinion. To not hold on or hold back.


Selfish? The “me” word seems to suggest it but on reflection I have to be honest with myself. No one requested a blog of me but me. Just as no one requested a painting or poem of me, but me. This is for my growth, my evolution, shaky and meandering as it is. Overall it feels wondrous. I am not teaching or even explaining. I am just talking. “This is what I saw today.” Or “This inspired me” and so on.

Over the past month I’ve been working on a poem rewrite. It occurred to me the other night that I am shaping it word by word much like a sculptor makes a sculpture from clay. She adds some, takes some away, until it looks and feels right to her. Some poems take a long time to find their shape while others arrive almost fully formed. The mystery of creation.


clay, glazes, acrylic paint
6.5 in. wide by 12 in. high



This is “grace” – a sculpture I created many years ago. She hangs on the wall overseeing my desk/work area. She speaks to me of voice, potential  and a vastness found in the night sky that reminds me how I am a part of creation. For me, she is another form of  poetry.

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