photo art: mandala inspired

All my early mandala inspired images came from a place of grief, which sounds strange, but I found myself meditatively creating these images as I mourned the loss of two dogs in one month. They were our companions and the space they left was vast.

The first seven images came about through a single photo of shield lichen on a tree in our yard.

The next two images were created from a photo I had taken of a chameleon’s skin. Such beautiful patters and colours!

Images 10 & 11 were derived from a small mixed media piece I had created and photographed.

Images 12 & 13 – island evening and island morning were created from a photo of a small local “island” (it’s an island when the tide is in).

Image 14 is derived from a photo of a simple watercolour experiment where I wrote “no risk no art” (quoting an art instructor at the time).