dl clay

Deb Clay, writer & artist

curriculum vitae

you wouldn't know me in a shopping mall
looking like the woman next door
jeans, sandals, t-shirt
not a word on my lips
but a picture, moving,
me dancing twirling leaping
over shoppers and out the door

you might know me from the words on a page
that sometimes dance like that woman
green dressed red headed bare footed joyous

you wouldn't know me walking my dog down your street
but you might know me as the woman in the story
who follows her dog as dog leads her
across fields
into thoughts, stones in pockets

you wouldn't know me
but you might

middle aged suburban woman
wood brown eyes, wood brown hair silvering at the edges
i am daughter and sister
mother and wife
artist poet drummer
clay wood water air and stone
i collect word, texture, pattern, color
line and light
i am the woman next door, across the street
i am the woman in the words
self into being

The basics:

I was born and mostly raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but now make my home with my husband on Vancouver Island in a rural area just past the town of Sooke.

My fluctuating path through the University of Calgary took me from the sciences to literature and finally to social work where I received my BWS in 1980. My learning curve has taken me through courses in creative writing, art therapy, yoga, desktop publishing, web design and a wide range of art courses including clay work, sculpture, metal work and mixed media.