I've been battling with white space and have been pushing against it. I've juggled words, stanzas and concepts.

As I progress through the work/play of abstracting word & image I am working on a new chapbook with the working title "abstracted".  It's still in development as I juggle other projects - personal, voluntary and professional.

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on location chapbookMy chapbook "on location - poems from Vancouver Island" is hand made. For more about the chapbook forming process see my blog entry "poems from Vancouver Island"

in this island place
we see in all directions
home is everywhere

The book is 28 pages of poetry and image, designed & formatted, printed with inkjet and laser printers, hand-folded and sewn with waxed linen thread. You can purchase it for $13 in Canada)
If you're not in Canada and want to order it please contact me.