day 4 – finding the light

Juan de Fuca journey

All my thoughts of the moon has made me return to my writing archives. After doing a search for “moon” I found “she takes the moon” and thought I would share it. It was published in Sooke All Sorts – Sooke writers’ Collective, Anthology Five in 2018.

The image is unrelated to the poem but today it wanted to be matched. It is an altered digital image with an overlay of a labyrinth over a day moon. It is called “Juan de Fuca journey”



she takes the moon

in a reversal of movement
she takes the moon into herself
conceiving a pregnancy
to last a lifetime

ambrosial light swallowed
nested under the ribs
between the heart and the gut
motive enough to live by
she surrenders

makes a lantern of herself

Posted in progress.