execution & the pain of change

My new year always begins with my December birthday. Since that day I have been reviewing my process and progress – in art and in life. January 1st adds to the energy of my process.

There is a confusion of advice about intentions, goals, planning and resolutions. For the most part I resist the noise of it all. This year it is different. I am trying out a combination of goal setting and planning revolving around the concept of the “The 12 Week Year“. I’m part way through the book and I am almost ready to apply myself to the concept. I expect my first week to begin somewhere around the 7th.

My first impression – notes from the book:

  • results are a manifestation of your thinking
  • when your thinking shifts, everything changes
  • execution requires taking new actions
  • to execute successfully it is essential to have a strong emotional stake in the outcome
  • without a compelling vision you will discover there is no reason to through the pain of change
  • the greatest predictor of your future are your daily actions

Seems like common sense. I get the “I know that” response when I read these things but as the author points out – execution is essential.   I don’t always execute – but get stuck in the “hope” and “someday”.

With these thoughts to propel me I am examining why I do what I do. I am also exploring why I sometimes “not do”. Using this book will help me focus but nothing gets done unless I “do”.

More & more I’ve noticed that the combination of word & image is becoming my focus, my voice. I often feel driven to add imagery when I write. Sometimes I am inspired to poetics when I work with my photos or add text as a visual element when I paint or sculpt. Sometimes I don’t allow myself to try these things. Failure to execute.

This year I intend to channel my energy and inspiration into some fabulous projects and I will post micro-updates on their execution.

In development:

  • a 12 week year
  • a new chapbook of word & image
  • large encaustic pieces using text as a visual element (I tend to work small so getting beyond 10 inches will be a challenge!)
  • new poems
  • a potential Patreon project

The landscape has always inspired and guided me.

“beach thoughts”

photo taken at Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

beach thoughts

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