Twitter Project day 16 – more sky gazing

tonight the moon is a forgotten light
thin & tender as a young snap pea
it could be taken by a garden thief
or buried under tomorrow’s rain

On a sleepless night I thought of the moon. I was missing it and wondered what phase it was in. I remembered how many times I’d been surprised by the thinnest slice of moon in the sky. Into my head popped the sentence “tonight the moon is a forgotten light” followed quickly by “thin and tender as a young snap pea”. Now where that snap pea came from I don’t know. They certainly didn’t appear on my dinner plate earlier in the day. There’s something about that crisp snap, the fresh look and smell. Perhaps it is about spring fever, the smell of the small greening plants pushing through damp earth, the 100 shades of green happening on trees and bushes, the birds singing, the multi colored blossoms bursting out against a backdrop of sky blue. Perhaps.

SideNote I am half way through the twitter project and I am inspired by the twitter space of 140 characters. These small spaces make me consider each word and strangely, by considering each word I am releasing myself to create in a more intuitive way. Strange indeed.

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