day 3 – following the moon

I'll follow the moon



Sorting through my social media. Yikes! I have a blog (ok 2), a couple of Facebook business pages and a seldom used twitter account and maybe instagram. Hmm – thinking about the idea of “I’m not talking because I don’t have a lot to say”. And now thinking that is not true though the introvert in me is nodding yes, “not speaking out in public is a good thing”. Well yes, I don’t want to tell you about my lunch menu, the day I take out the recycling or what the neighbors did. But sometimes I do want to share the thoughts circling in my head. I'll follow the moonThe ones that wonder and question. The ones that fly and the ones that crash. The ones that appear (often confused and seeking) in response to what is happening in the world around me. And also the passionate ones that help me make my art and poetry.

Turning inside out this year and following the moon.


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