broken promises

broken promises

I look back to the beginning of the month to see what I have pledged in the name of “poetry month” and I feel disappointed. A poem a day for me is not realistic in light of all the other commitments I have made for my businesses and my self. It’s time to pull back.

And that sounds like a broken promise.

I’ve been mulling over that concept. The promises we make and break. I often make promises because I “think I can” or “hope I can”. Sometimes it is a drive to please – either myself or the one I am making the promise to. And sometimes it is because I think if I say something out loud it will force me to follow through. Forced promises rarely work. They are forced after all.

I have to remember to pull back from the promises and work more with the concept of intentions. To have an intention to do something puts the energy in your mind and body. If I have an intention to write it sets up a purpose and drive in me. It directs attention. I may not always write but instead of thinking of it as a broken promise, an intention allows me to think of it as something that will happen.

For me that means an ongoing thing as opposed to a final result that a promise suggests.

So onwards with intention, to write, to explore, to improvise and create.

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