fighting for words

The month of April gave us a new granddaughter and brought news of my father’s illness. May is almost gone and as it fades into June my father is still in the hospital and we are dealing with what he is leaving behind. This is a new space for me to be in and I find it hollow and a bit colorless. I feel I must fight for every word and find that often they are not the right ones. The thing to do is try again.

I intend to try my way with words in a different way. To use the physical shape of words as texture in some new mixed media pieces. The foundation of these pieces are wood panels on a two inch thick frame (otherwise known as “cradled panels”) and the creative inspiration comes from my twitter project.

Onto the wood base I will first be applying a thin plaster mixture. Handwriting will create the primary texture. Then paint and who knows what else. It’s a part of a plan. The rest will unfold as I encounter the panel.

Photos coming.

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