introvert me

This Friday I will be reading one or two of my poems along with other poets at the Coast Collective launch of In Conversation II.

I’m thinking about the whole public thing – going on display so to speak. It’s intimidating for a introvert like me. But it’s also empowering to share some of who I am.

I also have two mixed media paintings in the show. They were created in response to other poet’s works. I read and lingered on the words then worked on the response pieces until they felt right. Now I’m not so sure they feel right. I’m at a different headspace than when I created them and I can think of changes I would make if I could get my hands on them again. But as many wise people have said “it is what it is” or in this case – they are what they are.

What they were/are = my best work at that time.

And that’s all any of us can do – give our best at the time.

In Conversation

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