on location: runes, wings, keys

I am researching & searching for inspiration for my collaborative project. Our words to work from are “runes, wings and keys”.

Gloria is a fibre artist and I am a mixed media artist. Separately yet cohesively we are to create in our favoured medium and present the 2 pieces side by side.  It will be interesting to see what develops. Will one be an echo of the other? A mirror? Will one lead to or away from the other?

The next few months will see the two of us in development.

I have set myself a task of finding inspiration from my location. Today I spied the “wingish” seed of the big leaf maple and it reminded me to explore.

Today’s images are the seed,  the markings of a knot hole which remind me of the symbolic nature of  runes and the wonderful find of a “defiant” lock on a door of my house.

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