poems from Vancouver Island

I finally got my chapbook together the way I wanted. There were a number of things I had to put in place :

– choose the poems, review/edit, put them in some kind of order
– decide if I wanted to include any images (yes)
– create the images using my photos and then altering them in various programs on my iPad
– create a chapbook template with InDesign
– choose the text, page sizes, layout etc. >also choose interior and cover papers from my paper stash
– print test pages to see how the text and images look
– adjust, print again etc. etc. etc.
– begin “the” printing :  7 sheets of paper printed both sides and folded to create a 28 page chapbook
– printing stopped when I ran out of yellow toner (a consequence of the decision to print colour images!)
– order new color toners (cyan, magenta and yellow)
– ad-lib with inkjet printer> it prints darker than the laser printer!
– problem solve: print text with laser, images with ink jet which means running some papers through twice
– fold pages, trim, fold cover, fit in pages, punch holes, sew
– 11 of potentially 60 copies created and delivered on Sunday
– continue with printing when toner order arrives

There was happiness, there was stress, there was a whole pile of emotions from doubt to pride.

In another post I said something about liking to make “things”. The chapbook is one of them. I’m overusing the phrase “I love doing this” but it is true. I love all of it – the writing, the editing, the problem solving, the act of physical creation by turning my thoughts and words into a poetry chapbook that can be held and viewed.

I quoted Rumi at the beginning of the chapbook: “There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground”

Today, this is mine.

on location

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  1. What a lot of work, and it looks so worth it! A beautiful chapbook! I’m so glad you will have books in the Coast Collective store. Are you distributing them anywhere else too?

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