In Gratitude

Some magic happened today at Coast Collective. Poets read, artists talked and the audience responded with much applause.

The show, “In Conversation: Poets Speak; Artists Respond”, began with a call out to poets back in June. Poets responded by submitting twenty-nine poems that were given to participating artists to work with. A few months later and the result was the current show at the Coast Collective main gallery until September 20th.

Today was the reception and it was fabulous. Each poet (and I think only one was unable to attend) read their piece and the artist gave a brief talk on their response piece.

It was an incredible experience to read my work in front of an audience. To be surrounded by stillness. To look up and see the expectant faces full of support and encouragement.

And it was an incredible experience to see how each artist responded to the poetry.

A most beautiful conversation!

My thanks to General Manager Laura Rechwan for her tenacious energy and picking up the pieces to get the job done.

And more thanks to artists Linda Anderson, Lorne Miller and Kate Woods for their responsive works to my poetry.

Many of us are already looking forward to what next year can bring (maybe a bigger show with a book of poems and images?)

Here’s hoping Coast Collective continues into next year and beyond.

Pendray House

entrance to Pendray house, current home of Coast Collective

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  1. Yes, what a lovely experience! I was so moved by the poems and was simply delighted by the visual art that they inspired! Everyone at the show seemed pleased to be there and so supportive. A wonderful atmosphere, and a beautiful location! I’m so glad I got to see the building and grounds before they move.

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