The Ugly Truth

So here it is – the base for my latest series based on some twitter poetry I did last year. (see the April 2010 archives for full details). It’s at the ugly stage.

part of a developing triptych

It’s very ugly to me but I decided to post it here in the spirit of creativity and as a witness (for me) to my process. This is part of a triptych – the base is textured plaster imprinted with rubber stamped words of parts of my twitter poetry:

day 6:
raven speaks iridescent words of longing
silvered words of growing
she walks by the ocean
turning over stones & words
for what lies between

day 7:

flotsam of dreams
jetsam of philosophy & song
raven looks for the pattern that binds
beach stone to word to story
she builds a storyline

I will be adding layers of acrylic paint for color and tone. I have not yet decided how much of the lettering I will show – right now I’m just experimenting with the base. I’ll post more as the pieces morph out of the ugly stage.

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