life comes in

sproutfrom a work in progress:

from calloused hands, garden dirt
and shoeless feet can come a clean
lightness of being

from hands hardened in morning light
shaping intention into new diameters
and feet eased by ocean’s lap
can come a blue sense undone

i wait here to feel it happen
to unravel two years of meandering thought
to undo two years of glass like grief

to meet in a place of loose light

the man i read had something to say about it all
you must not come lightly to the blank page

Now I am in the process of letting life come in.   To attempt word on page and paint on board. I wrote those words months ago and now I unravel with help from teacher Susannah Conway and mentors in an online course called Unravelling: Ways of Seeing My Self


It’s 8 weeks of loosening, processing and progressing. I will post my responses to the experience over the next few months as well as reveal my arting process and progress as I further explore mixed media complete with words mixed in.

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