thoughts from the shoreline

I walk every day with my dog– a wonderful route down the road, the hill and to the ocean. The last two mornings I have stood on Gordon’s Beach looking out across the Strait of Juan de Fuca following the movement of wave and sky. The water moves, the sky moves, stones shine and my thoughts drift.  I gathered a few words while I was there and have the rough beginnings of a new poem. I will meditate on them, write, edit and write more.

Gordon's Beach today

The stump in this picture acts as a reference point for me. It is there every year but every year, it moves a little and every year it is worn down by wave and stones. Somewhere in the winter I expect it to leave but it hasn’t left us yet.

the stump in summer on Gordon's Beach

Writing but trying not to think too much – too much thinking means I pick my words before I say them when really what I want to do is let the words pick me.  Hopefully some of those words tomorrow.

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