Twitter Project day 30 – and in the end

“And, in the end, the love you take/ Is equal to the love you make.”
Paul McCartney

It is the last day of April, the last day of poetry month and the last day of my twitter project. The journey has been a useful experiment and experience. I am richer for it and my writing has a more solid foundation. Which reminds me. Years and years (and more) ago I wrote a series I called “excavations”. The first piece was titled “1: finding foundation” and the series ended with “5: foundation”. The strange thing was and still is that this last piece is very different from the proceeding 4. It veers off in a slightly different train of though. Perhaps it is time to resurrect these pieces and put them together in a more cohesive way.

At the end of the last poem I found these lines:

in search
it is my intention that puts together old potential, older truth
i chew slowly
bones build words in my mouth

The poem was full of excavations, bones, memories and artifacts. Working with what I’ve learned this month and what I’ve written over time I think I will excavate old works that never quite made it to the printed page. From endings come new beginnings.

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