a quest

in this island place
we see in all directions
home is everywhere

from “on location”

A while ago I talked about a chapbook of poetry I had created. My artist self worked on the images (local photos altered using various apps) and the design (paper, fonts, layout etc.) while my writer self went through the process of choosing/editing the poems. The chapbook “on location” is subtitled “poems from Vancouver Island” and is full of the landscape as experienced through me – an almost 60 year old woman/wife/mother/grandmother coming from the foothills of Alberta and a large busy city to a rural home on a hill with a view of the ocean. It is an emotional and spirited landscape.

These poems will resonate differently for everyone. I am still exploring their depths. The opening piece suggests “home is everywhere” and the subsequent poems explore that concept. I’m not sure if home is everywhere but I think it begins in the body and finds its definition by the act of being in the landscape, both the physical one and the landscape of people and community.

In another poem I wrote:

I thought I had room for it all – prairie field, stony mountain and deep ocean – all to fit neatly in the palm of my hand, to be enclosed, compressed, to be swallowed whole, to be filled with.

My quest continues.

on location

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