fieldwork 2

Produce  (verb)
→ to bring into existence; give rise to; cause

into 2016

I seem to go through several “new year” events. In September it feels like a new year because of the association with the school year (even though I am long beyond going to school I do take classes from time to time). Then there is the new year that starts on my birthday. I consider this my true new year event. That happened on December 15th so I have been in my new year for 17 days now.

I have been going through notes and sketches and am formulating a plan for new works in poetry, art and maybe, just maybe, a story. And there are deadlines to be met – some self-imposed ones and some outside ones – like the Sooke Writers’ Collective deadline for anthology submissions of March 15th. as well as several literary magazine competitions and calls. There are also calls to artists via Coast Collective, the Community Arts Council of Great Victoria and Sooke Fine Arts Show. This is the year I go beyond thinking and experimenting and get into doing. The accumulated notes and experiments of the past year have made 2016 my year of producing.

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