It is now Feb 2019 and it has been about 5 months since my last written appearance. Ironically I am a writer and I have been writing in the time since I’ve last posted – just not here.

Mostly I’ve been writing poetry and wondering how it, and other poetry, fits in the world. I love the play of words and my search for the right word to resonate with others within a piece. Writing poetry reminds me of working in other art forms – collage, painting, sculpture. There is an addition/subtraction process that goes on. It involves making choices and participation by the mind and the body.

I believe poetry is everywhere.

A poet friend, Wendy Morton,  said “A poem needs to be something you can hold in your hand, like an apple. You can hand it to someone and they can take a bite.”  Interesting how that thought has spiralled in my life to appear in front of me once again. Years ago I wrote:

without wings

I like it when life hands you an apple.

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  1. What a beautiful poem! You have a gift with creating sensation with words.

    And you’re better than me at posting. I did recently as well – after almost a year. Yikes.

  2. Thank you Fenna. It certainly has been a while since I made that chapbook! And thanks for the coffee donation. I wish you were here to sip coffee and share some words. I hope you can make it out to the island again some day. 🙂

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