in a mood

I have been silent for quite a while now, letting my commitments to others (work and volunteer positions) take over my days. I’ve been soul searching since December trying to deal with fading dreams and the idea of getting old(er) along with  fears and questions about the future in these unsettled times.

Emotionally, physically and spiritually I am tired.

Around me are reminders of what I wanted to do, was going to do, was once excited about doing.

Still I sit and watch.

written in a mood:

she is a cliché at the window looking westward for a moon not yet risen not yet there for her another disappointment another day unfulfilled another riddle unanswered

she waits when she should walk out the door walk straight out onto the water make something of herself instead of waiting for someone’s magic wand

she knows she knows as she hangs onto the window frame one hand pressed into the glass she knows and fears fears if she pushes too hard she will be broken shattered into so many parts she might not be able to regain her self and her self thinks

 why not

Posted in progress.