Juan de Fuca journey

day 4 – finding the light

All my thoughts of the moon has made me return to my writing archives. After doing a search for “moon” I found “she takes the moon” and thought I would share it. It was published in Sooke All Sorts – Sooke writers’ Collective, Anthology Five in 2018. The image is unrelated to the poem but […]

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odd day@the beach

day 2 – rain thanks

Today the rain is constant. No wind disturbs its journey. I watch the lines of water reaching down, from sky to earth, hear the thrum of water on our metal roof.  The sound changes rhythm and tone as clouds move overhead. I’ve tried several times to take a photo of what the rain is doing […]

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day 1- hope

In an effort to come back to myself I have promised myself to make a fieldwork entry every day – entries may be a few words, a poem or a story along with an image. I have no plans but to respond to each day. I took this photo a few days ago. it was […]

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this lovely disorder

in a mood

I have been silent for quite a while now, letting my commitments to others (work and volunteer positions) take over my days. I’ve been soul searching since December trying to deal with fading dreams and the idea of getting old(er) along with  fears and questions about the future in these unsettled times. Emotionally, physically and […]

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