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Late last night I halfway launched my new business model called “EarthWord Creative, development services for artists and writers”. It’s not finished because my learning curve had a high arc and I had to redo some technical details that momentarily knocked me off center and  left me speechless.  Now that I am back on the ground I thought maybe I should explain my idea. I have a small business called inevitable fire print.web design that has been in operation for several years. I want to create a “niche” service for creative people (those artists and writers in the first sentence) that would help them find a place on the world wide web. Websites are important. Not as a measure of popularity or trendiness but as a tool to show and market work and services. I’ve met a lot of artists and writers who would like to have a website but don’t know where to start. I would like to make my new service kind of organic/creative and grow it as people ask questions, express their needs etc. That way, I can tailor it to the needs of a creative community.

So here I am talking business and making art. I’m taking a break from painting -have to let the backgrounds dry (paint on plaster) before I move to the next step. I’ve had to teach myself to “wait” or the plaster surface can get too wet and start to get mushy. I’m not all that good at waiting when I’m in my creative zone but I’ve found that getting a coffee, writing and/or starting a second painting helps keep me inspired.

There are times when the wait is false though. When I’ve told myself something else is more important (usually not) or there isn’t enough time. What’s true is there isn’t enough time to do all the things I want to do so why hesitate? Why wait? Like those advertising whizzes at Nike said “just do it”.


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