My New Year

Today is the start of my new year. I measure it by my birthday.  I don’t have resolutions but I have intentions. I think of intention as a direction, a path to follow as opposed to making promises to myself.

the view Dec15

the view today

It’s overcast and warm here today. I can look out the window and see the Strait of Juan de Fuca. – cool blue, stippled by current. The landscape is a damp study in grey, blue, green and brown. I’m considering what to do – not just today but as a step towards the future.  Later today I will continue my experiments with plaster and paint. Engaging in this physical act of creativity gives energy to my writer’s voice. I been having a few plot ideas lately and it is close to the time when I should be giving them fullness by writing them down. For that I will try a new tool – Scrivener. I am trying to stop my habit of writing down thoughts in multiple notebooks, scraps of paper etc.  This electronic tool looks to be a place I can compile all those sentences and begin to string them together.

Last night, on my new year’s eve I visited some of my notebooks.  They brim with pieces of me, ideas, inspiration, emotion. There are bits of story and poem, word seeds and sketches of potential creations. A recurring theme has been collections of writing – mine and/or others. I still have that magazine idea in me. There’s a wonderful launch pad for creative people in the U.S. called Kickstarter and I wish we had similar here in Canada. The idea is to promote your idea/project and get backers.

Using this for inspiration I am going to pretend there is a Kickstarter in Canada and outline my project. I will announce it when it is ready.

Kickstarting my new year from studio and office and a seed of an idea.

seed of an idea

seed of an idea

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