learning by heart

working on many levels.

in my office: sorting and recycling as I go through saved files that haven’t been opened for a while.

in my studio: sorting and regrouping as I strive to make a good working space for my encaustic work. I’ve got sample boards ready to go and a pile of 8 in. by 8 in. wood to frame and prepare for plaster and encaustic.

and then I find this – a journal entry from July 2003 and see the prep work I have been doing all along:

ask me about it. I do it every day.
I surrender to the yellow sun as it heats my body
I surrender to my heated blood as it moves through my interior landscape
I surrender to my breath inside outside
to the blue sky that takes it to the wind that returns it
I surrender to the red traffic light and the green
I surrender to my gray dog and my orange cat
with my eyes closed I surrender to the black
as I surrender to the dark with my eyes open
I surrender to the taste of melting chocolate
the scent of morning coffee
I give myself over a thousand times a day
when I remember



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