I’ve spent the last few days responding to certain tasks I’ve set myself.

the edit



For my writing task I’ve edited a story I wrote but never submitted. One more quick edit and it will be submitted this week.



the blank



For my art task I’ve prepped cradle boards I made the other day with different surfaces for encaustic painting and mixed media. Some have water color paper glued to the board while others have textured plaster. Over the next few days I will be creating upon their various surfaces.



For my business the task is to make a new website for my business focusing on guiding/mentoring people who want to create an internet presence. My tag line at this point is ” development services for artists and writers” with the emphasis on “development” which is an active and ongoing thing (or should be). The world wide web is a monstrous and seemingly infinite space. How do you get found? How do you get people’s attention? There are no easy answers contrary to what some people say. Having a good SEO (search engine optimization) rating may help but in the end it is the relationships you develop that bring people to your site. Some of those relationships start face to face, at events, in classrooms, workshops etc. Others begin, tentatively, on the internet. you show what you have made, the why and how and what of it and it becomes the dialogue between you and the viewer.

So where is the surrender in all of this?

I am surrendering to what I have put in place, to the momentum that began at the conception of a story, a picture, a scene, an idea.

Sooner or later – I give in, give over and get a voice in the process.

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