Out with the old

in with the new.

I’ve decided to totally revamp my studio website. It’s gone through a few revisions over the years and then I decided to create a website in my name. I now mostly reside at dlclay.com. So I am going to revamp earthwordstudios.com and create a place for study and community. This is going to take some time!

sanctuary journals



In the spirit of change I am clearing out some handmade books still in inventory. I’ve created a new page for them here.
I call them sanctuary journals. journal spines



And speaking of writing and words –

I’ve read in more than one blog about the concept of picking a word for the new year. Susannah Conway’s word is BRAVE. My friend’s word is STEADY. Mine is FIERCE. It’s time to get some warrior in me – and in some art work.

… to be continued…

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