The Twitter Project begins

Also known as the “tweet project” and “tweet poetry” because I can’t tell twitters from tweets. Poets can only keep so much information roaming loosely in their heads before it all wanders away (poets included)

Why do such a thing? Selfishly, it is for myself. To activate my writing, to challenge me, to cause me to pay attention because when you can only work with 140 characters including spaces you must pay attention. And I am liking it. I am liking this close attention to detail. To consider the fit of a word. To consider 1 word where 3 might have been. To consider the sound and rhythm of a small cluster of words. It’s all quite lovely. And the potential for expansion is so great. At the end of this month I will attempt a larger piece from the pieces created. For your consideration here is post #1

the sky so still & clear
i don’t have to tell you about the blue
look straight up
admire flight & yellow petals in the wind
revere the seed

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