Twitter Project day 2

on this edge of living vicariously
if only you could fly
live romantically on the wind
become a color in the corner of someone’s eye

Some accidental rhyme today but I’m sure it happens to everyone occasionally. All this deep focus on poetry and getting the words down cleanly has me thinking about poets in the everyday world. Is poetry out in the public eye? Beyond greeting card level. Have you read the work of Mary Oliver? Susan Musgrave? Walt Whitman? Viggo Mortensen? Yes, the Viggo Mortensen, actor. In Coincidence of Memory he says “WE UNDERESTIMATE DAMAGE/DONE TO THE SKY/WHEN WE ALLOW WORDS/TO SLIP AWAY/INTO THE CLOUDS.

The book is a collection of poetry and image, some photograph and some of his paintings/mixed media. I like to slip into the pages and see someone else’s world. Be reminded about different angles of view, how an image can change if you squint, alter the light, stand close or far. Poetry is like that too.

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