I try to give myself some creative retreats every year. One I try not to miss is MISSA – Metchosin International School of the Arts.   Every summer they have fantastic workshops by the week or weekend in varied arts such as clay work, painting, mixed media, writing etc. etc.

In past years I have written, painted and sculpted my way through various MISSA workshops. Last year I took a workshop in encaustic monotypes. I had already been playing with encaustics and wanted more experience. Instructor Carol Rae taught me another aspect of working with encaustics and I have gone on to experiment with papers, pastels and inks.

One result is this 6 by 6 inch piece called garden haiku. I’ve always wanted to combine my written work with my art. In this case I knew I wanted to work in this size so I laser printed my haiku onto rice paper and then created a monotype with encaustics. It took a few times to get the result I wanted.

garden haiku


With encaustic monotype an anodized aluminum plate is heated on a griddle to just below 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The solid wax is applied or painted on to the plate and paper is laid on the plate to “soak up” the wax. Paper lifted, print revealed!

The resulting prints can be framed or mounted “as is” if you get a good lift of color and pattern or the pieces can be used in a waxy collage.

I have three small pieces on display at the “Inspired by MISSA” show at the Coast Collective Gallery, May 20th to 31st.   More retreats and creative responses coming in the next few months!

Inspired by MISSA

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  1. Your haiku captures so much. For me I saw you working in your spring garden in silence but also the power of the silent hopes for the autumn yield, The two art forms really inform each other.

  2. Thanks Fenna. I’ve been exploring ways to combine art and writing. Not all of them work! But the exploration does eventually lead to discovery in my writing and the experimentation leads to new ways of creating art.

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