no risk no art

Re-introducing me to me. Going through my archives and identifying what inspires me. Not sure how I lost track of some things – Life, I guess. Resurfacing to create. New works in development.

A poem from too many years ago:

for landscape

something about passion.
her empty hand searching air for something solid.
tracing an outline. following. curve
after curve. her hand scoops warm dry air. layers, shapes,
builds. landscape.

a thin watercolor sky. sharp brown and gold fields. a red
shale path. enter.

carried by her hands. forming. out of this clear air. out of
her empty hands. something.
searching. about passion.

the way a curve leads to her hand. the way her hand
reaches. receives. forms and
considers perspective. the lay of the land. placement of
hands. movement - the color it
makes upon the ground, at the horizon. shade and tone.
texture. blended bird song,
coyote howl, prairie wind. contour and relief. overlay:
a clear matte glaze.

a woman stands. in the center.
something about her.

truth in a field outlined by hands and desire.

to walk to a place.
to see truth in a field.
to move to the center.

Poem and image published in Dandelion Magazine, number 22, vol. 2, 1995

for landscape

"for landscape": mixed media (fired clay, acrylic) on board

Posted in progress.