showing up

how the light turnsAs I was out walking today I thought about my current social media project “thing of beauty”. It occurred to me that I am using Instagram as a journal – putting my thoughts and ideas down and letting the world in for a look.

Some years ago I did a similar project on twitter which resulted in a months worth of poem sketches and much to think about and work with. The same is happening with this project. There is a wonderful energy when you commit to making a specific creative action every day. Consistency and “showing up” ignite many new ideas.

I have a couple of other projects waiting for attention. Some about creating images for words and others about creating words for images. When the time is ripe I will enter my studio.

In the meantime visit me on Instagram to see what I’m doing.

**And a thank you to Austin Kleon’s latest newsletter which prompted me to “steal like an artist”. As the words on this project gather I am going to try the “cut up method” mentioned in terms of David Bowie. It has a long history.

View the newsletter here.  and view Bowie “cutting it up” here.

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