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Light tomorrow with today. ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I’ve been working from last year’s “thing of beauty project”. I’ve selected some images and words I want to share and am making prints and cards that will soon be available on my gallery site. (image of printed 13 x 19 in. sheet below – I love my Canon printer!)

I have also been working on some new poetry and some poetry revisions. I attended a two day workshop with Steven Price at the end of May called “The Secret Life of the Poem”. The goal of the workshop was to explore the “secret life” of the poem that finds expression in “a shape or form that is true to what it wants to be” and how we can tease out these meanings in our own revisions. The bottom line was that the experience made me ask questions about my writing and of my writing.

I am working on the answers. 🙂

And to continue with this work theme: I have launched myself into a work schedule to prepare for upcoming markets and writing submissions.

Onward – with light.

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