Working on life, art and writing. Working for clients and working for myself.

Trying to catch up.

I’m currently trying to catch up with the creative filled lessons of Vivienne McMaster’s e-course Montage: A Guide to Creating Soulful Videos. Everything I need to know about creating short videos as another way of giving voice creatively and visually. And for the quiet moments, more visual, though guided by words, the e-course Seeing Drala.

It is good to be looking through a camera again, even if it is the one on my phone – the one at hand, most days.

And for my physical body as well as spirit, a 30 day yoga challenge. It begins March 20 -day of the spring equinox.  Inspired by my local yoga studio: Ahimsa

My journey continues.


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  1. The “Seeing Drala” course has reminded me to SEE. The photo was a happy accident while I was playing with the concept of space – something I found difficult to photograph. I realized that space doesn’t necessarily have to be something big – it’s all a matter of perspective and so I ended up inside my coffee cup.

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