introvert 2


I’ve been so immersed in my work that I haven’t talked about it lately. That’s a regular pattern for me. Dive in, go deep, then come up for air. I’m up now. Here’s what’s been happening: after a summer full of intentions I was not able to follow through on a number of them as […]

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seeking inspiration

Coffee is my wake-me-up and often fuels me throughout the day. Growing up I drank Red Rose tea from an early age – a very British thing to do. Once I got into university I tried coffee and loved the taste (well sometimes the campus coffee was awful) and the boost it gave me. Of […]

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Making Art

There’s something energizing about being in the same room with “like” people. Last week I spent 5 energizing days at MISSA (Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts) in a workshop that was quite different from anything I’ve taken. Instead of the touch of clay or the impulse of paint and paper I learned how […]

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Day One

For most of my life I have been a chronic writer. I write about problems and my search for solutions. I write my reaction to a news story that hits me emotionally, knocks me off my feet. I write about what I see out the window, what moves me or what I think I want.  […]

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This is where I am right now

Sometimes when I’m out walking with my dogs I get thoughts beyond how will I control them if we meet a bear/other dog/deer/cougar etc . I’ve learned that sometimes my thoughts lead to ideas-  so now I take my “pocket computer” (smart phone) that has a super simple voice recording app and I will talk […]

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