Day One

For most of my life I have been a chronic writer. I write about problems and my search for solutions. I write my reaction to a news story that hits me emotionally, knocks me off my feet. I write about what I see out the window, what moves me or what I think I want.  It’s my way of thinking and it’s my primary mode of expression. I have written poetry since my early teens. It was a natural way of wording for me – putting down words in a certain way to get as much layered meaning out of them as I could. That is what poetry is all about for me. What the words are on the surface and what they are in combination with other words and phrases that deepens their meaning for me and for the reader (hopefully).

Lately (and probably because I am getting older) I have been paying more attention to what I have written. There is a lot of it.  I am beginning to see a pattern to my written works that gives me direction and the direction has turned to goals. Out of my review of my writing I see that I have a lot of unfinished work. This used to depress me. Might still depress me. But I am hanging on to this thought:  I don’t have a list of failures in the form of unfinished work but a list of potential publications that need editing/finishing.  This is a much more productive way of thinking for me.  It shows potential instead of failure.  And I can say the same thing about my unfinished art work. It’s all about potential. Now to hold that thought and carry on.

Filling the blank space…..

clay and paper await

clay and paper await

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  1. I have just read your entire blog and it has blown me away. It is so inspirational, provocative, heart rending and so many other words that I can’t find to express my admiration. Your candid explantion of the struggle to bring about the creativity that resides within you will hopefully be read in recognition by all who live through creativiity and struggle themselves daily to make sense of their own personal journey.

    Deb this is genius and you should be so proud of what you have created here.
    Please, please continue, we all need you and recognize with gratitude and awe your ability to create with both words and action.

    You have inspired me to stay on track with my determination to bring to life the work I have always wanted to make. The thread of this work is apparent in my many sketch books of 30 years. I am close and your words give me strength to continue. You also have given me the kick in the pants to update my own website! I am on it! THANK YOU! G

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