seeking inspiration

Coffee is my wake-me-up and often fuels me throughout the day. Growing up I drank Red Rose tea from an early age – a very British thing to do. Once I got into university I tried coffee and loved the taste (well sometimes the campus coffee was awful) and the boost it gave me. Of course it’s not coffee that gives me inspiration but the ritual of drinking it. Early morning after the dogs are fed the coffee goes on and I select my mug for the day. I have a number of favourite mugs – they act as reminders and mood enhancers. Sometimes the mug chosen is one given to me by a friend which makes me feel they are with me. Sometimes I need a reminder to persevere – so I might choose a mug that is hand made or a mug with a saying on it. “seeking inspiration” is a mug I am thinking of having made – simple and to the point it triggers a lot of thinking in me and thinking eventually leads to action. 🙂


Here’s what I’m working on:

  • in copper (my favourite metal): etching, colouring, and shaping to create some rustic jewelry and designs in the works for sculpture using etched copper, driftwood and perhaps some other beach finds
  • with paint: nothing at the moment but I have been inspired by some abstract artists I have discovered
  • photography: whatever grabs my attention > the other day it was bits of sunlight in a shady area and the way shadows move. I took a couple of short videos and hope to combine with a voice over of haiku
  • in words: a little of this and that, haiku for the videos and an exploration of what I have written over the last couple of years. For the fall I will be combining photography and poetry in two ways: with the art inspiring the words and the words inspiring the art.

I am researching

>what it is to be a “senior” woman and how we can be our own motivators and heroes and then share the experience (ripple effect). I know that as I research it and think on it, it will begin to manifest in my art and writing.

Overall I am increasing my creative time and output. It is what I am about and I enjoy the connection to others it gives me.

Want to give me a little inspiration?

Tell me about your journey as a woman coming into her own. Are you your own hero?

Click here to make contact and tell me your story and/or comment below.

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