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Sometimes when I’m out walking with my dogs I get thoughts beyond how will I control them if we meet a bear/other dog/deer/cougar etc . I’ve learned that sometimes my thoughts lead to ideas-  so now I take my “pocket computer” (smart phone) that has a super simple voice recording app and I will talk to myself. I’m listening to it  now:

…the idea of returning, or circling back – that in my explorations I will venture out, try different things, explore, experiment. Sometimes I learn something new, sometimes I “renew” as in I remember something, visit older things – there’s always a turning point, a returning to my core – core beliefs, essence of me, things I sometimes avoid, things I embrace.

Some of the things I return to is writing and art – the making, creating of it all. Creation. Glyphs. Symbols. Icons. The meaning of things and how the meaning might be different for different people but still there is some common ground.

And so I am returning to things and allowing myself to do some things I disallowed because I thought “people don’t do this”, “it’s not done” or “it’s amateur”.

It’s the idea of being true to myself, speaking my truth.

This is where I am right now: I want to combine my writing explorations with my art making. What has come up is a mixed media piece that evolved into a bird of sorts and some symbolism and some talk that has evolved into haiku. The haiku I will put onto metal and attach to the mixed media piece, further mixing it up.

And it feels right.

I explored different ways for putting the words on the piece but none of them quite worked because they receded into the piece and I want them to be above the piece. That’s why I’m putting the words on metal and floating them a little above the piece but it is still attached to the piece.
And I’ve made the decision to make a whole series that is “haiku” based. But the art may change. I may create sculpture from clay or metal, encaustic panels, other forms of mixed media or a combo of any of them. We shall see.


Image: part of mixed media piece (not yet finished)> acrylic, pen and oil pastel on cradled board with textured plaster

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  1. Hi Deb,
    You’re idea of recording your thoughts and then translating them into art is wonderful. I hope to see more of your creations.
    Walking the dog (s) is always thought provoking for me too.

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